Behind the Image

  • Behind the Image - Black Eyed Susan

    The back of a Black Eyed Susan photographed with the Nikon D7000, Lensbaby Composer lens with the 16 mm macro ring, F 5.6, SS 1/8 sec and ISO 400. 

    I processed this image using Photoshop unsharp mask then applied Topaz Glow Airbrush I with the strength slider set to 33%.

    Photographed against white foam core with black velvet draped over it. Lit from overhead with a utility light 100 watt LED daylight bulb and fill light with a Promaster video light. I use a light stand for the utility light and hand-hold the video light to fill from below.

    A low cost simple set up for indoor photography.

  • Behind the Image - Japanese Cherry Blossoms

    The Japanese Cherry Blossom: Creating this image began in camera. Using my 105 mm Nikon macro lens, I set the camera to ISO 200, F5 and 1/250 shutter speed. The shot was taken hand held on a windy day.

    In Photoshop I created a duplicate layer. Then I used Nik Detail Extractor using the Natural Default setting. I added a layer mask and removed the detail extractor from the background to retain the soft bokeh background. Then I created another layer and applied Topaz Liquify filter adjusting the strength of the filter and using a layer mask in Photoshop removed the effect from the background. I then used Topaz Glow using the Brilliant fibers filter, adjusting the strength of the filter and using a layer mask in Photoshop removed the effect from the background. 

  • Readers

    I have always admired this perspective of Readers at the Boston Public Library but wanted to do something a little diferrent in post processing.

    This image was processed with Nik Detail Extractor, PS shadow adjustment and Topaz Glow Air Brush I.

    I liked the architectural details and the presence of the readers after processing.

  • Antique Clematis

    The Antique Clematis was photographed against gray textured paper.

    I used the Detail Extractor filter by Nik to bring out the veins of the leaves. Painted the flower using an oil paint brush, added a French Kiss Tea Bag texture and FrenchKiss_Notaire1823 with layer masks for each. Finally I created the border selecting a color from the flower.